Friday, October 10, 2008


I was involved in a vintage sheet swap. what fun!
these are the sheets- cut into fat quarters- that I sent. and this is what I just got in the mail this morning.
funny- the mail lady rang my doorbell, I was in my snazzy workout clothes, with the computer blaring music- because I can't find my mp3 player, and I wanted to run on the treadmill- nice.
but, ooohwee! I can't wait to cut into them. I have a few ideas. but I must finish one or two other projects first.
I think.
if I can hold off.

oh- in case you were wondering, those ribs were delicious.
Jack could hardly get enough.
the secret sauce- a bottle of honey garlic sauce. not barbeque sauce, but the sauce like in the asian aisle- by the plum sauce and stuff.
cut up the ribs, trim off the fat.
boil them for 1/2 hour.
then put them in a roaster with the sauce, cook at 325 for 1 1/2 hours,
and yummy!

okay, today I am determined to find some stuff and get halloween costumes started! it is coming quickly. the girls are ready, but the boys- well, I hope we can come up with something close to what they are wanting. I am all over the home made costumes. and no masks. the boys think it is because they scare maggie- which they do, but I really hate not knowing who is in a costume. freaky stuff.

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Lynn said...

Ooooo! I love vintage anything. Those sheets will be so much fun to work with. I can picture your projects now.. You do amazing things.

As for the ribs.....this girl LOVES food and recipes as much as vintage anything! SO thanks for sharing! I am off to go buy the secret sauce.