Tuesday, October 07, 2008

love life

I just found out that a close friend of a close friend of mine died.
it was very unexpected.
she was young- 25ish, I think
healthy- I had seen her out jogging a few times.
she was not a member of our church,
but she came to young women's camp- back when I was in YW to help with one of our girls.
she was so sweet.
it made me think.
think about life.
and remind myself of a few things.
yell a little less.
love a bit more.
don't waste so much time.
have fun.
laugh more.
don't be bitter.
help others out.
take more pictures.
remember the fun times.

it made me glad I took maggie out yesterday to enjoy the last of the warm weather (they say today will be the last double digit day for a long time)
and glad I took my camera.
I love life.


Lynn said...


Andrea said...

Cute photo.
Great reminder.
Hoping there will be many more warm days soon.

Kayli said...

My mom called today and told me my aunt died last night. It is really weird to get those kind of calls.

Cute picture! Maggie is cute--but why, oh why did she not pick my name from the bucket?! I was sending all kinds of telekinetic vibes so that my name would rise to the top. What a rip-off.

Is it Thurs yet? because I'm ready for 13 interesting things.