Thursday, October 30, 2008


1. the eggnog is now gone.
I think I will wait a little while until I buy another.
as long as I can hold out.
which might not be too long.

2. aren't they cute? 3. I finally bought a pumpkin yesterday,
but no one has made any indication that they want to carve it.
maybe tonight one of the kids will want to.
or not.

4. made some sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins.
so yummy.
I adore sugar cookies.

5. I just bought the pattern to make this super cute dress.

6.I see christmas dresses for the girls

7. okay, I actually bought two patterns because there were two I couldn't decide between.

8. and with the bad exchange rate right now

9. I think I see every dress the girls need for the next few years made of those two patterns.

10. but that is okay, because they are super cute, and versatile- mix and match patterns and colors. right, Cory?

11.I can't wait until they come!

12. but I have many, many other projects that I need to finish, so that is good that it will take a while for them to come!

13. Halloween tomorrow.
I am not excited. not sure why. usually I am.
excited for the candy.
but I am not.
why? I love candy.
it's a mystery. for halloween.
maybe tomorrow I will be excited.


Just Us said...

That is a really cute dress. I know about the holiday things, the fact that they have Christmas out before Halloween now is beyond me. What are they thinking, one at a time.

Andrea said...

hmmm... my girls could use a Christmas dress...

Lynn said...

You know something....I am SO glad someone else said what I have been feeling....I just am not that excited for Halloween this year either. I don't know why.

Probably because they are rushing the Christmas SEason out there already, and my thoughts are all over that and not on Halloween anymore. : D

Kayli said...

That dress is really interesting. And cool. I had to look at it for a while. And that picture of the girls is so super CUTE!

Joanne said...

mmmmm egg nog. i can't stop thinking about it now! just keep buying it and rewarding yourself. you are fabulous and deserve it! have a happy halloween!!!