Monday, October 27, 2008

a peek- or a flashback. however you want to look at it.

with fuzzy pictures, a dirty house, here are some halloween costumes- as we were ready to head out the door on Friday night to the church party. Chiquita, or carribean girl- she was afraid to put on the large hoop earrings, after I told her to be careful not to get them caught on anything- but has assured me she will wear them on Friday.
we shall see.

a frightening gladiator, with a foam sword.
and skinny legs.
and red eyes, but let's not be too critical.

and a sweet little red riding hood
her wonderful grandmother- I wish you could see the saggy knee-highs and grandmotherly shoes,
and a handsome woodcutter.
I must have deleted Jeds picture, so you will have to wait to see his costume- I think it turned out super!
and Ben pulled out some hippy stuff to wear to the party, and the tattoo sleeves- I tried to tell him that they didn't really go together,
but whatever.
it's halloween.
anything goes,
and- it was indeed crayzay! to quote Bobbi-jo.
all the candy kids could want.
what could be better?
then Cory and I headed out to clean the temple,
and Ben got to put the kids to bed.
lucky guy.


Lynn said...

You guys are so fun. Love the costumes!

Andrea said...

Great costumes!
Lucky Ben.

Shelley said...

Yes! I want to see the saggy knee highs. And Jed. So fun. I might have to swing by on Friday to see everyone in person!!