Monday, October 20, 2008


The weekend was nice.
the drive was long.
Jed - who hates trips- got to stay at my sister's house and play the computer to his hearts content.
I don't think he will ever go anywhere with us again.
I don't do well at funerals.
Luckily I knew this and packed lots of kleenexes.
the cemetary was in the most beautiful spot- in the foothills outside of Cardston.
it was a beautiful day.
today was supposed to be quilting at the church.
apparently I was the only one who knew this or cared.
so I sewed until my bobbin thread ran out, then we came home
I am babysitting this afternoon.
I have seminary tomorrow- and haven't even opened my book.
shame on me.
I am also heading to Calgary tomorrow- right after seminary-
with Cory, he is going for work, for me it is all pleasure
thanks so much Shelley- I am sure my kids will be angels for you!
but before that I have to go visiting teaching.
then I will come back thursday.
head to book club.
then Friday is my birthday. hurray.
but the kids have no school. boo.
but cory is off work. hurray.
so he said he will stay home and I can go do whatever I want!
I will have to decide what I want to do.
then friday night is a halloween party at the church.
remember how I said I like homemade costumes?
oh, well, I have one done, and 3 to make.
and not much time to make them.
and my house is a mess.
and I am wasting too much time on the computer.


Bobbi-Jo said...

If I ever think my life is busy - I'll pop by and read one of your entries. You make me tired just READING about all you do. WOW!

Lynn said...

My heart to you this week, as you mourn with those that mourn.

Happy and safe travels to you! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO!!! That's awesome that Cory will be there to make the day even nicer for you.

Joanne said...

wish I could come and play with you in the city but alas it's not meant to be. shop lots, have fun and happy birthday on friday to you!!!