Sunday, November 23, 2008

I love this girl

how much do I love her? well, I love her so much,
that today,
during the primary Sacrament meeting presentation,
when she stood up at the very start,
to sing her solo,
and the music was playing,
and she burst into tears,
and was crying,
and taking no comfort from the music lady,
and sobbing,
well, I love her so much,
that I grabbed Maggie,
and headed up to the front
(and of course, I was in tears from seeing her in tears)
and Maggie gave her a big hug,
and Maggie and I,
and the music lady
sang her verse,
while she stood there and cried.
that's how much I love her.


Lynn said... are the sweetest mom, with the biggest heart. She will always remember you doing that for her. : D

Andrea said...

That is love. Wow.

Kayli said...

ohhhhhhh--poor thing! man those primary programs--such angst!!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful mother you are Kristi! When I taught sunbeams, before I had kids, the sunbeams had to sing as a class. I can't remember why Kelly was up there and I wasn't, but Kelly ended up singing a solo with my sunbeams one sunday!

Steph said...

I am such a blog lurker - but this was too sweet not to comment!
I think that deserves a 'mom of the year' award for sure!!