Thursday, November 13, 2008

13 things

1. I got my patterns in the mail- the Christmas dress ones that I bought.
they came in the morning.
before I went to bed I had one dress almost done- it would have been completely done, but the button hole wasn't happening.

2. I maybe should have made it a size bigger- it barely squeezes on to maggie- but boy, is it cute.

3. maybe I will show you- when I figure out the button holes! brace yourselves, it is sweet.

4. today- I start Sadies. yay. so fun.

5. such a complete contrast to last years Christmas dresses which were a nightmare. yikes.

6. remember those tile necklaces? cute, no?
well- I also offer tile Christmas ornaments.
check out my etsy shop if you are interested!
or email me at super fun and unique gifts! 7. two more days of no school.
oh, how I love school. really.

8. to add to the joy I have 3 extra kids here today. should be fun.

9. so, remember how I said there was 4 inches of snow on Tuesday? well, it is melting fast. weird.

10. so, the reason the interior lights weren't coming on in the van- a dome light override button was pushed. cost us $50 to find that out! haha.

11. but some plastic pipe had corroded around the engine- or something like that- the guy was explaining it, it all went over my head, but anyways, the heater really wasn't working. not just a button I needed to push.

12. did I ever tell you about the library book that was missing? I renewed it 4 times, couldn't find it anywhere- even put out a cash reward for whoever could find it- nowhere to be found, so last week I finally paid for it.
yep- we found it.
well, Jack found it. under Jed's bed.

13. at least the librarian said if I kept my reciept and found the book, I could get my money back. yay.


Lynn said...

We've been having dome light and heater problems in our van too.

I am headed out tot the van RIGHT now to check the override dome light. : D

jessica said...

Kristi!! I love the ornament! I want one. Do I just email you a picture or does it have to be a real copy? How much does it cost? I think I would like 3.