Wednesday, November 12, 2008

we remembered

yesterday was rememberance day.
Jack and Jed- and their Cub group got to lay some wreaths, and read a poem at the ceremony.
I had always wanted to attend one of these things- so this was my chance.
and since Cory didn't get the day off work, it was just me and the kids.
and standing for almost an hour outside, then sitting for another hour inside with a three year old isn't my favorite thing. (Jack thinks he looks nerdy in this picture and wants me to delete it, but I will leave it in. just to bug him.)

here's the group- probably half of them weren't there. too bad. it was good.

and guess what-
it snowed- really snowed the night before. so there was about 4 inches of snow on the ground. chilly.

this tank led the parade that the army men followed, and the cubs and a few other groups. my boys thought it was pretty cool. and it was cool.

and here they all are, posing by the tank. they are being fierce. crazy kids.
and now today- my van is in the shop- getting the heater fixed- heaters are very important around here this time of year.
and the interior lights don't work- I can't remember why. but that is also nice when it is dark at 6:00 at night.
I love my country!
no really,
I do.


Andrea said...

Very cool. I always want to go to things like that, but never know where they are. Next year if you do it again we'll have to come. Just me and the kids because my dh also had to work. sheesh.

Lynn said...

That is SO awesome! What a great opportunity for your kids to remember.