Thursday, November 20, 2008


I had a busy day today. and I thought- wouldn't it be fun to take pictures througout my day to document a day in the life.
but I never pulled out my camera once.
so I will just tell you what I did. fun, right?
1. got up and got the kids off to school. I sent them all with lunches so I could leave and not be back until after school. freedom.
2. but before I left, I was a good girl and ran (a bit) on my treadmill. yay for me.
3. called my sister to see if she wanted to be busy with me today. and she did. good times.
4. so I went to pick her up- ended up helping my mom pick some stitching out of a quilt- she is machine quilting for the first time, and wasn't happy with how it was going. but I claimed the quilt when it is done, so I was happy to help to make it the best it could be!
5. then we headed to another sister's house where we got fabio hair cuts, Maggie too! and lunch too. good times.
6. then we went to Micheals. Had to use some 50% off coupons I had. but there is so much I want, it was hard to narrow it down.
7. then off to LaSenza to help my sweet sister use up her gift she got from work- she gets 50% off anything there up to $250. and she doesn't want to spend all that- so I was willing to help. I am nice that way.
I got a new bra. much needed. and some christmas pajamas- and they had some toys, so I got some little things for the girls stockings. fun.
8.then we swung by a hair place where I bought some clips for some hats I want to make.
9. then we had to stop at the Children's Place where their $3.99 specials sucked me in.
10. then I took my sister home.
11. then I went to another Micheals. where they didn't have the right knitting needles I need for the cute hats I want to make. sheesh. but I bought some yarn because I had to use my last 50% off coupon. It would really be sad not to use it.
12. then I swung by my friends house- she is moving across the country- and has to pay $1 a pound for whatever they bring, so she is getting rid of stuff- she had a load of stuff from her girl's room, that I picked up. my girls are having a great time with it all.
13. then I came home. Quite a day. Quite a life. not really. but- whatever!


Lynn said...

Man! That is an AWESOME day! I would have loved spending a day like that with you. But, spending it with mom and sisters is even better I am sure.

I would love to see a pic of that quilt your mom is making for you, when you get it. : D

Andrea said...

That is quite the life!
Hmmm.. one day I may get to leave the house too. Yipee.

Anonymous said...

i would love to have day like that with you sometime!!!! Leanne