Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful thirteen

Since it is thanksgiving in the States, I thought I would devote my thursday thirteen to things I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful, and I am pretty sure Cory is too, that I don't live in the states where they have black Friday.
because I am pretty sure I would be up at the crack of dawn to go out and find the bargains and spend way too much money.
okay- maybe I am a bit sad I don't. but one of these years I am going to come down and experience it for myself!

2. I am thankful that I have found some really good hiding spots for gifts I have bought.
okay, maybe too good.
now if only I could remember where they are.

3. I am thankful for technology.
ipods, internet, all that great stuff.
now if only I could figure some of that out.

4. I am thinkful there is no snow. no shovelling, no bad roads.
but that also means no sledding party for Jack's birthday next week. darn it.
I was hoping for that- how easy!
sled for an hour or so, come back to hot chocolate and cake, open presents- whala. but no.
now I have to do a real party. kids. noise. mess.
let it snow!

5. I am thankful for crazymomquilts.
she has totally inspired me to get back into quilting.
now I really need to sit down and work on getting those quilts I have started finished, so I can move on to all the ones I want to make.

6. I am thankful that Cory and I stuff our own stockings-
although I did get a couple of things to put in his-
but it is fun to buy some things for myself that I might not usually.
so far I bought myself a quilting magazine I have been eyeing-
because I need more quilt ideas.

7. I am thankful that I learned how to make chocolates at our crafting day at the church. they are so yummy.
and my hips are thankful too. they are getting bigger, and bigger.

8. I am thankful that I got to go to parent teacher interviews last night-
okay really, I am not so thankful that I got to go. they are kind of nerve racking for me- teachers are so scary (right Shelley?)
but I am very thankful that the teachers all had such great things to say about all my kids.
except that Jack is a bit of a chatterer.
which is really no surprise.
but they did say he is a pleasure to have in class.

9. I am thankful that my calendar is blank today and tomorrow.
nothing I have to do, no where I have to go.
love it.

10. I am thankful that my to do list is very long.
I love having lots to do,
and I can pick what I feel like doing off my list- because the choices are so plentiful.
okay, so although my calendar is blank, I do still have lots of stuff that needs done. no sitting around reading books and eating bonbons.
like I usually do.

11. I am thankful for blogging.
I have said it before and I'll say it again.
I love it.
the ideas, the people, the connections.
so fun.
such a time sucker.
but a good time sucker. really.

12. I am thankful it is Thursday- and that means survivor and the office are on tonight.
yes, I watch survivor.
lets not judge each other.

13. I am thankful it is almost December. I think I am going to bring my Christmas decorations into the house today,
pull out the old and new favorites.
fill the advent calendar up with candy.
good times!


Lynn said...

Amen to No. 1, 2, 3 and 11!!!

Happy Decorating!

Andrea said...

hahaha. You're hilarious.
I know all you do is eat bonbons all day. Good times.
don't be wishing for snow.
And I'll try not to judge you. Really.. I will.