Tuesday, November 18, 2008


front:back:and boy, is it twirlable!
and yes, I will be getting her a white or pink shirt to wear underneath-
just in case you think that I think that the blue goes.
I know it doesn't.
I just really wanted her to try it on when she got home from school-
had to hurry before the light is gone.
The sun sets so early.
I have moved on to different projects,
hopefully will have more to show and tell soon!


Andrea said...

So cute!! I'm so excited for my girls.
Love the twirl.

Just Us said...

Both dresses are adorable. How great to have one or two projects done. Wish I could say that.

Lynn said...

What girl doesn't love a twirl-able dress?! So cute! What talent!

Kayli said...

I love it so much!! She's so pretty in it!

Joanne said...

that is cute! I love twirly girls too!