Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I am staying at home.
skipping the mom's and tot's group at the church.
because I am feeling anti social-
in the words of oscar the grouch-
on our tape we have in the van
yes, our van has a cassette player, and not a CD player. sad, huh?
anyways, in one of his songs Oscar says-
I don't want to be with anyone today.
that is how I feel.

but yesterday, I did go out-
with Maggie, my mom, my sister and my aunt-
we went to a greenhouse that has a beautiful Christmas display- and shop.
I picked up this little beauty.
It plays the First Noel.
I love it.
I am feeling a bit more Christmassy now.
I think the whole not into halloween thing was because the Christmas season was already out there in the stores.
hold up, people. one season at a time!
but now halloween is over. my stuff put back into boxes.
I am working on a few homemade things for gifts.

I think all I really need to get me really in the Christmas mode is snow.
we had one day a week or two ago that was super windy and cold, and there were a few minutes that we would look outside and see snow blowing, but it didn't even land on the ground. it just got blown away.
but no snow is okay too.
no shovelling,
no slippery roads.
maybe in a month. that would be great!

but for now, I am going to go wrap up with maggie in my newly finished quilt and watch some kid shows.
until the kids come home for lunch.
then I might have to get in gear and get something constructive done around here.


Lynn said...

My sentiments on Halloween exactly!

We got SNOW! I like the first snow fall. It takes away all that dry and ugly brown look away. And it always seems to "quiet" the city. It's almost like a sounding board. It softens the sounds.

P.S. That is a CUTE snowglobe you got for Christmas.

Kayli said...

Hey, I don't have photoshop, what I use for the collages is Picasa --it is free and awesome and much much easier than photoshop. You can get it at
They just got a new version -Picasa 3- that has the really nifty collages.
You should definitely try it!

Just Us said...

Don't you love days like that, not having to go anywhere, or do anything. Just watch movies, or read a book. Those are the days I look forward to. Good for you.