Friday, November 07, 2008


-Cory says it is wrong to give my boys quilts for their birthdays.
well, he can just come up woth something better then!
- had to go help with hot lunch at the school today.
I really didn't want to, but did it anyways.
it ended up great- got 2 free lunches out of the deal, and a bag of bread sticks. it is all good.
- hoping to head to the fabric store this afternoon. that would be a good time, for sure!
- realizing it is already Friday, and that my talk needs to be given on Sunday. time is running out. ahhh!
-and that is where I am at!


Lynn said...

Curious what the topic of your talk is.

I hope you share a bit of it with your readers.

Just Us said...

did you just put in a new profile pic? I like it. I hate talks, I have to prepare weeks in advance. Good thing you are not like that, sure you'll do great. I would love a quilt, what is Cory talking about.

Andrea said...

Boys can get quilts. Give them anyways. And give Cory one for Christmas just for saying that! haha.

darlene said...

My kids love getting quilts for birthday and christmas!!!! The married ones ask for a flannel quilt and the younger one have themes such a sports etc. But all of them from 8 up love getting quilts. In fact one christmas when we needed sheets they got that too :) in a theme of course!