Thursday, November 06, 2008

1. be careful what you wish for, 'cause you just might get it!
2. (can you read the text? I tried to make it bigger, but it was having none of that)

3. technology and I don't get along so well. it is kind of a joke with Cory and I that I just can't figure anything remotely electronic out.
sad but true.

4. I did leave the house yesterday, but not until the evening.
we headed to the library- where I found a christmas craft magazine I have been eyeing at the stores. now I have it- for free- in my hot little hands- for three weeks.
let the crafting begin!

5. because we all know I don't have enough projects on the go already.

6. I have to talk in church on Sunday. I am not too worried about it yet. check with me on Saturday night. then I think I will be stressed.

7. all in all, I don't really mind talking. I guess. I think it is the 15 minute time they give you. that is a long time to stand up there and try to keep peoples attention, and share something inspiring for all. you know what I mean?

8. I pulle out a quilt I had started a long time ago, and worked on it some more yesterday. Is it wrong to giive a 13 year old a quilt for his birthday?
I don't think so. that is what he might be getting.

9. and when that is done, I need to get working on the quilt for the almost 11 year old. actually, his birthday is first, I should get going on his first!

10. although I am sure they wouldn't be too thrilled with quilts for their birthdays, I think we will more than make up for that at Christmas.

11. well, I have just been informed that I need to change a diaper. yes. my youngest- at 3 1/2 + is still wearing diapers.
now, all my other kids were completely trained around age 3. yes, a bit late for my liking, but I am under the beliefs that it is easier to wait until they are ready and when they are ready- they are ready. and that is how it went with all my kids. but maggie. my dear sweet maggie broke the mold.
She pees on the potty, even is dry at night, but will not poop on the potty.
yep, drives me crazy.
now, I wouldn't put her in playschool until next year, but I think it is time to play that card. no playschool until you can go on the potty.
I don't get it. have no clue what the issue is. maybe I should check with the professionals.
and she was in panties, but I got so tired of having dirty panties all the time, that I put her back in diapers. and that is where we are at.

12. in case you were wondering, I am so not the perfect mom.

13. and my house is a mess. so I will go and change a diaper and clean, in my quest to be a little bit better mom today!


Kayli said...

I've heard of quite a lot of kids that do that--refuse to poop on the potty. So strange--I wonder why.
My kids didn't do it, but neither Jethro nor Hazel can stay dry at night. Seriously, if we take them at 10:00 they are already wet. Even if we make them go to the bathroom right before they go to bed at 8:00.
But then, I was a bedwetter for quite a long time too. Oh well I guess.

I love the library!

Lynn said...

No. 12 - You're not?! : D

Love your posts. You are SO cool!

Anonymous said...

i think that you are a great MOM!!Leanne