Monday, November 03, 2008

What I did last weekend

well, besides eating way, way, way
too much candy-
darn those Aero bars.
so delicious.
on Friday- before all the candy -was a retirement lunch for my dad.
here he is cutting the cake.
and my, was that cake yummy. his co-workers had such nice things to say about him.
about how organized he is.
sadly, I think I didn't get any of those genes.
and his sister flew in from Ottawa and suprised him at the lunch.
that was fun.
then of course, we trick-or-treated.
then on Saturday I had a seminary inservice.
it was good. learned some good tips for teaching.
maybe by the end of my four years I will have some clue as to how to be a good teacher.
and ate more of the kids candy.
then we hit a surprise party for a guy in our ward.
such a great couple. fun stuff.
then Sunday was stake conference.
man, even I had a hard time sitting in one spot for two hours.
I smuggled some knitting in my bag, but didn't get too much of it done.
I felt a bit guilty doing that.
then I ate more of the kids candy.
then the best part of Sunday- afternoon nap.
love it!
then to my parents for dinner-
the whole crew. and my aunt. she has no kids.
she must think it is crazy- which it is, when we are all there.
and that brings us to today
quilting at the church this morning.
more people came than last time,
and I got the binding sewn on my hourglass quilt-
just need to finish hand stitching it on.
then I can show you all.
more eating of the kids candy.
good times around here!


Lynn said...

Oh, but I see a definite gene that you DID get from your dad. Look at your blog banner and then take a look at the photo of your dad again......

See it?? got the cutest smile JUST like your dad. : D

Andrea said...

Oh ya.. nothing like lots of kids candy to eat. I'm doing far too much of that. Must stop.