Friday, November 14, 2008

ta da!

the frontand the back
She was very reluctant to put it on for a picture-
in tears even.
but she still has it on-
and there is no sign of it coming off soon.
I think she likes it.
(and I do too)
now to make Sadies- it is a bit more involved-
I think the skirt must have 25 pieces to cut out and sew together.
so fun.


Lynn said...

Oh VERY cute!
Girls are so emotional, eh?
I still can't figure mind out. Cami would of done the same thing. Cried cause I asked her to put it on and then She would of cried if I asked her to hang it back up. : D

Andrea said...

love it. so excited for my girls.

Kayli said...

Oh, ADORABLE ADORABLE ADORABLE!!!! I love it so much! I love the front especially. And Maggie looks so cute in it!!!
Great job!

Shelley said...

VERY cute!