Monday, November 10, 2008

we are sleeping in!

- the talk is done. pfew.
my topic was sacrifice. I talked a bit about pioneers, a bit about Joseph Smith, a bit about Christ's sacrifice for us, and what sacrifices we are expected to make, and then I snuck in a little quote from President Benson, from when he gave the talk to the women of the church about staying home with our kids. I talked about how I make that sacrifice, and I believe it is a very important one. so looked down on in the worlds eyes, but such a great thing- to be home with your kids.
- actually a lady in my ward talked to me later, and thanked me for including that in my talk. she is struggling right now with the whole staying at home thing- being a very under appreciated thing- all around, and she appreciated my talk. yay. it is all good!
- speaking of being home with the kids- it is fall break this week. no school. good and bad. I no longer can spend all day on the computer- now that 5 kids all need their turns!
but we can sleep in. yay. and watch tv all day. yay.
okay, maybe I need to come up with projects and activities to keep us off the computer and the tv. hmm. any suggestions?

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Lynn said...

Great topic for your talk!
Motherhood is definitely under appreciated, unless it's their favorite supper at the table. LOL!
Wish I had been there to hear your talk. I bet it was great. If you are able to send a copy, may I have one?