Thursday, December 18, 2008

12- or 13 things about Christmas!

1. today I spent the morning at the school helping with crafts. Usually they just put the helpers in one room, and the kids rotate through the crafts- so the way it was, I would never have seen Sadie, but one mom from another room wanted to switch to be with her kid, so I got to go and help Sadie. good times with the white glue!

2.Here is Maggies house. I ended up sewing it up a bit wrong- the elastics and the buttons should be on the opposite sides, but hey, it all works!
3. oh, you want to see inside?
okay, here is a peek.
kind of bare.
oh, and I still haven't sewn on the flower buttons. I just put them where they will be sewn. soon.

4. Christmas concert yesterday.
this was the finale, with the whole school
crazy stuff.
once again they ended with the hallelujah corus.
love it!

5. so, I was reading on a blog, and she had a great idea for the 12 days of Christmas- to do with your family, but of course, by the time I found this it was the end of the first day, so I jumped in on the second day-

6. 2 turtle doves- well, we made turtles. sort of.
you take a pretzel- I love the squarish ones you get at superstore- they hold the toppings well, then you put a rolo on, melt them a bit in the oven-
I didn't quite melt them enough, but all is well-
then you put a pecan on top.
7. third day of Christmas- well, we had french toast for breakfast, of course!
I did make some french bread for supper, but it was nothing to write about. really.
sad. I need to work on my bread making skills. 8. well, the fourth day was a write off. that was the day I lost. I didn't do anything that day.
Jack even made supper for everyone- he cooked spagetti and heated up the sauce. he did a great job.
not sure what I would have done anyways. gotta get thinking on that for next year!
9. but the fifth day- all was better.
five golden rings-
yep, homemade doughnuts. so delish.
10. well, today, 6th day, (geese a laying) I think I will make some devilled eggs- to go with the leftovers the family is having for supper-
(I am going to a relief society Christmas dinner!)
7th day- (swans a swimming) I am going to check into the public swim times, but tomorrow is a bit crazy, so I am not sure if we can fit that in- but we will have chicken for supper, and call it swan.
is that awful?
yes, I know. maybe we can go swimming on Saturday. I am sure the kids would be okay with that!
8-(maids a milking)- I am thinking yummy milkshakes
9 (ladies dancing) not sure. play music loud and have a big dance session?
could be fun
10- (lords a leaping)- once again not too sure. any great ideas?
11- (pipers piping) ?
12- (drummers drumming)- well drumsticks - the icecream kind, for sure!
wow. I had better get those other days figured out, pronto.
11. and then it will be Christmas.
12. must get the teacher gifts assembled tonight.
just doing something simple I found on a blog- of course!
I dipped some marshmallows in chocolate, then along with some plain ones in a cute bag, attach some hot chocolate packets, a candy cane and a tag, and that is that!
13. I need to stop reading blogs-
stop getting more ideas of crafts, and decorations,
and recipies!
there's just not enough time in the day!
less reading, more action!
off I go!


Lynn said...

Cool ideas!!!! My oh certainly have been busy girl!

Please don't stop reading blogs. You are gaining some FABULOUS ideas and I love that you are sharing them with us! *wink* : D

Kayli said...

WOW!!! That house is SOOOOOO awesome!! Where did you get the pattern from?

Your days of Christmas thing is soooo cool too! I need to start writing a list of things I want to do next year.

for Lords a leaping you could play leap frog. Teach the kids how to jump over each other's back. Or go to a gym that has a high jump you could set up and have a high jump contest. Or long jump. Which wouldn't require as much set up. Or you could let the kids jump on the couch onto a mattress on the floor. Cause, I know you have mattresses you don't mind jumping all over. Doesn't everyone?

I love blogs too.