Monday, December 22, 2008

What smells good in the kitchen at Christmas?

- is it-
a. gingerbread cookies?
or b. winter bark?
(white chocolate melted, with pretzels and smarties thrown in- cooled, then broken up into bits- so good) no- of course not, it's your nose, silly!
my kids have been reading us a book of holiday jokes.
so silly, indeed.
anyways, on Friday we had some visitors spend the night- cory's brother and 4 of his kids were in the city for an appointment for one of the kids, so they came and slept at our place.
then in the morning they were heading off to West Edmonton Mall to spend some time at Galaxy land, so Cory took 4 of my kids and joined them.
so Maggie and I had another day to ourselves.
we did some baking- pictured above,
and I had the girls room so clean-
although you wouldn't even know I had done a thing in it now.

and I finished washing and wrapping up Ben's birthday quilt.
I think he will like it.
I put 2 layers of batting in the middle, so it is thick and warm- with red flannel on the back.
so, today- well we had a bit of a sleep-in. yay, but now, must get to work- and get those kids to work.
oh, and in case you were wondering- for today- the tenth day of Christmas, I am going to make grasshopper pie- because they leap- just like the lords a leaping.
works for me!


Lynn said...

Nice blanket!!!!

I really like your ideas for the 12 days of Christmas. You are so smart!

Andrea said...

love the quilt. Nice!!
You've been busy.

Gail :) said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love it!