Monday, December 08, 2008

the weekend

well, we are done with birthdays-
for a couple of weeks, anyways.
here is the happy birthday boy. then, on Sunday, we had our annual
all the Thomsens come to the Livingstone's house for dinner,
then we attend the First presidency's Christmas Devotional,
then someone special comes to our house.
see the look of fear in her eyes?
that can only mean one thing.yep, Santa came.
see her crying.
that is what she did the whole time he was here.
hid and cried.
good times.
quite hilarious- to the rest of us.
I just think we are so very lucky to have a personal visit from the big guy!


Andrea said...

haha. she was funny.
I wonder if she'd do if Cory was Santa. Maybe we'll have to give it a try.

Lynn said...

LOL! We can SO relate to this one.

We miss the personal visits from Santa. I think the crying and screaming might have scared him away.
: D