Tuesday, December 23, 2008

for friends and neighbors-

I like to get creative with our gifts to friends and neighbors.
it is hard coming up with new things-
but thank goodness for the internet.
limitless ideas.
just need to spend hours looking and finding.
see, all that time isn't really wasted.

so, anyways, this year, I got my idea from Bobbi jo.
a while ago she had posted a recipe for a cheese ball that she made at her church craft day.
sounded delicious, so I made some.
I am not sure what it is really called- so I will call it christmas cheese ball.
1 pkg chocolate chips
1c hard peppermint candies- I used candy canes
2c pecans
blend it all up in your blender or food processer-
then add 1/2 c of the mix to 8 oz of softened cream cheese.
I used 4 blocks of cream cheese, and divided them in half- and I still have tons of mix left.
guess what I am taking to my mom's on Christmas eve!
so, it goes a really long way. and is so good- on graham crackers. yum

I wrapped up the balls in saran wrap, then put them in a christmas bag from the dollar store- you know those clear kind, then punched a hole in the top of a pack of graham crackers, and tied them up with a tag that said- we hope your Christmas is sweet, not cheesy, and we really hope you have a ball.
I meant to take a picture, but they all got delivered last night!

thanks Bobbi jo,
and thank you internet!


Lynn said...

Now THAT's being a SMART girl!

We have enjoyed those cheeseballs too. However, I am just not as swift or as smart as you! Hope you don't mind me using your idea for next year.

You are just SO smart!

Bobbi-Jo said...

I love the tag you made to go with it!!! So SMART! Nice. I'll have to use that one some time (birthdays would be GREAT for this). Thanks! (and thanks for the sweet link - oh my pride!)