Thursday, December 04, 2008


thursday thirteen had slipped my mind!
too busy making yummy ice cream cake!
so, since I am totally making my lists and checking them twice-
here is thirteen things from my vast list that need to be done pronto!

1. need to paint the people I bought from here
they are for Maggie for Christmas- enough to be our family.
now I need to make them look like our family.
and I am not a painter. yikes.

2. I am thinking I want to make this for those little people.
I would have loved that when I was little.
I keep forgetting to buy the plastic stuff for them everytime I am at Walmart. maybe Walmart doesn't even have that. I will have to remember to look the next time I am there.

3. I need to get my Christmas picture/cards mailed out.
Karalee- if you read this, I need your address!

4. need to re-knit a hat for my brother-in-law. I had it done,
but apparently it is not sophisticated enough for his taste.
this is what my husband tells me.
anyone know any great, sophisticated, easy men hat patterns?

5. need to make one more hat for one nephew. I don't think he will be too picky. I don't think he even keeps hats on his head. should be easy.

6.need to baste together Ben's birthday quilt, and quilt it.

7. need to get wrapping.

8. need to make some reindeer chow. yummy.

9. need to dip some pretzels in white chocolate. also very yummy.

10. need to find what I want for Cory. I have started looking, but apparently I am not looking in the right places. yikes.

11. want to make new stockings. this may or may not happen, depending how much time I have and how much desire I have to make them all. we don't need them, I just am ready for something new.

12. need to get our outside lights hooked up. tonight.

13.totally not Christmas related, but I need to fold a bunch of laundry and get it put away.
good times!


bknmkalhyland said...

hi Kristi - I am reading this! My address is 8167 Karen Dr.
Tyler, TX 75703
I'm looking foward to your Chistmas card and hoping to get mine done!

Lynn said...

WHEW! I am just tied reading your list!