Thursday, December 04, 2008

birthdays- part 1

Sadie's party.
the cake was homemade- from scratch.
and sadly- not all that good.
but it looked pretty.
crazy kids- decorating cookies like icing is going out of style.
a crazy hour and a half,
but a pile of great presents, so I guess it was all good.
birthdays -part 2 continues today
I have to take cupcakes over to Sadie's class today
Jack took his with him this morning.
an ice cream cake to be made
pizza to be ordered-
and Cory has promised them a trip to 7 11,
since Sadie is turning 7 and Jack is now 11.
what a clever man.
must take pictures of that!
then part 3 is on Saturday with Jack's party.
such fun.


Lynn said...

Hey! That 7-11 idea is a really good one!

jessica said...

oh cory....7-11. hehe.

hey kristi- I thought of an easy, fast, yummy lunch idea. I had it today, and remembered you were looking for ideas. Buy mini pitas. take cooked ham (cheap deli ham) and cucumber. put some mayo in the pita, a half slice of ham folded up and a slice of cucumber! whoalla!! yum. I loved it, cause I love cucumber, you could do anything really. CHeese is yum too, but added some unneeded cals. tomotoes would be good. but i tell ya, that mini pita is goodness.

oh...tuna would be good too....with cucumber! anyhoo.....enjoy