Friday, December 19, 2008

baby, It's cold outside.

Kayli- the house tutorial is found here.
the roads are slippery- so I am not going out visting teaching-
to a town 20 minutes away-
wimpy me, I know,
so I am going to stay home and bake and craft
and just get stuff done.
so exciting,
I know!


Kayli said...

Thanks for the link!

So this morning was raining and slushy, but not really too cold, and Brett even asked Jethro if he wanted a ride to school and Jethro said, "No, I'll just run."
So after I was on the internet for a short while I was getting the kids in the car to go somewhere and I get a phone call from the school principal and she told me that Jethro was at school but there had been a 2-hour delay, and she tried calling me but couldn't get a hold of me, so she called Brett but he said that he couldn't come pick Jethro up so just send him home, but she wasn't about to send him home with the conditions as they were. Then she lectured me about first being more aware of when there were delays (there wasn't a blizzard, it wasn't freezing cold, how was I to know?!) and secondly that Jethro was soaking and I should take him to school on days like this.

I was really quite ticked. And I'm not really sure why I chose to share all that with you. Maybe because it's a lot colder where you are and your kids still walk. Anyway. Have a good day staying at home. :)

Marcia said...

I marked that link too. Your house turned out very cute. We had plastic Little Kiddle Houses when I was young like that. (You know, back in the stone age before video games and cell phones...Ü