Tuesday, December 02, 2008

things I am loving

-loving that when Maggie was eating this sucker- from the Santa Claus parade she told me it looked like a heart.
too cute.
and loving that she let me take a picture!
-loving that our Christmas tree got put up yesterday.
I think we need more decorations though. I am thinking some of those ball ornaments- but not glass ones, I am thinking more plastic- or anything unbreakable-in some fun colors- pink and green and blue. that would be fun.
- loving that it is birthday time this week.
two kids on one day. fun. that means lots of cake and ice cream. yum.
and they both want the same cake on their birthday- ice cream cake.
the best of both worlds.
- loving that I am done Jack's blanket.
one thing checked off of my list!
-loving that my sister was getting some pictures developed at Costo-
(ones that I took)
and they called her because they thought they were professional.
love it!
-loving that I have so many crafts and stuff that need to be made.
I was hoping I would be done them all before December, but then what would I do all this month? I love having little things to do.
and my list is still quite long.
must get busy!


Lynn said...

Cool! That's a nice compliment from Costco!

Kim said...

Costco has done that to me lots too. One time they refused to give me my pictures and I had to really fight with them to get them. It's always fun to work on a to-do list and check stuff off! Enjoy the ice cream cake :)

Andrea said...

great love list