Friday, December 26, 2008

The last 2 days in thirteen pictures.

1. Christmas eve- Pajama's. Ben ended up switching with Jack- Jack's pants fit Ben, bens were too small, I don't think Ben's fit Jack though- he is super skinny. and Jed hasn't taken his off since that night. nice.
2. Christmas morning. before the mayhem.3. the stockings were resting all comfy on the couch. 4.after the mayhem.5. here are the people. can you tell who is who? Cory's guy should really be much thinner. too bad mine is in the back. you should see my curves. ooh lala.6. this is my dad. he's not too nerdy, but the shirt was so funny.
love ya, dad.7. Ben's big day was yesterday. 13. a teenager. I can't believe it.

8. my family put those candles on that keep lighting up after you blow them out. it was so funny.
so, so funny.
9. I think his fingers are now permanently attached.

10. my new slippers. should I be worried that one of my sons helped pick them out?

11. When Maggie saw this kitchen she said it was just what she wanted.
I love that!
12. On Christmas eve some of us played a bunch of Wacky Six. I have never seen it up here- but if you are in the states, I would highly reccomend this game. it is so fun. and I won. extra good!
13. love it.


Andrea said...

cute! thanks for the fun. and you are sexy

Lynn said...

No. 1 - So fun!!
No. 4 - So real. LOVE it! Our house too!
No. 5 - GREAT JOB! SO life like.
No. 7 - Fun times now! : D
No. 8 & 9 - LOL!!!!!!!!
No. 10 - Ooooo. La La!
No. 13 - Awwww. So cute!

HAppy Boxing Day!

Kayli said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas~ your little wooden family turned out so cute.

That last picture IS SO GOSH DARN CUTE!!!!!!

Gail :) said...

I love your little people! I bought some blank ones to paint for the kids before Christmas, but I ran out of time. Maybe Valentine's Day!