Thursday, December 11, 2008

the latest

1. I'd like to say my kids are being much better now.
but they aren't.

2. I went out today to finish my Christmas shopping.
I got a few things for Christmas, but more non Christmas related stuff.
I am not done- but I am out of ideas.

3. I am doing a craft sale on Saturday. it is supposed to be -25.
I don't think anyone will come.

4. I am waiting until closer to Christmas to do some baking-
because if I do it now, it will be gone in about 2 days.
not good.

5. I have to go to the school tomorrow to help 2 of my kids make gingerbread houses. this is not my favorite thing.
all the kids (and me too) eat way too much candy.
it takes forever. not so fun

6. but the kids love it.

7. man, I am sounding grinchy today.

8. I think I need a nap.

9. but that won't happen because the kids will be home from school in about 10 minutes.
then the madness begins!

10. wow, my mind is blank. I can't think of any fun, clever things to share with you today.

11. the kids are now coming home- it has taken me that long to think about things to write!

12. so, one of my stops today was to Old Navy- I picked up some black dress pants for Ben- all they had was one husky pair his size- and he isn't really a husky guy. I bought them- we shall see how they fit.

13. and there was some really cute girl sweaters- but the one I wanted in Sadie's size wasn't on the shelf, so I checked a mannequin- and there it was, the sweater in her size- so a worker girl took it off for me- after pulling the poor things arms off. Maggie was amazed. Hope Sadie likes it!


Andrea said...

what? Did you go to ON by me? And not come visit??

Just Us said...

Just got your Christmas card today, way cute.

Lynn said...

No. 5 Me too! : S