Friday, December 05, 2008

birthdays-part 2

yesterday was the big day
the real day
the birthday(s)
but we didn't hit a 7-11,
but I guarantee you we will sometime this year-
while they are still 7 and 11 and I will take a picture.
because I think that is so fun.
here are the birthday kids-
sadie is on the left- in the dark shadows, Jack on the right
and Maggie in the middle, of course.
where she always is.
there are 11 candles, and a sparkler shaped like a 7.
and it was so yummy
and the good news,
we only ate half, so we have the other half for tonight.
and Jack wants another ice cream cake for his party.

but, before the cake- after school I asked the kids if they wanted to go see the creche.
creche? what is that?
I saie- let's go see!
so we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's church to see the nativities-
I don't know how impressed the kids were, but I loved it!
I took pictures of a few of my favorites-

the top left is a stitched one. I love it. if I could get my hands on that pattern I would so make it.
top right was in the kids room. just fun
bottom left was a puzzle one. so neat!
and the bottom right was a teeny tiny one.
there were so many great ones.
It made me want to start collecting nativities.
there are so many beautiful, and interesting ones out there!

anyways,- Maggie is off at a friends house, and here I am, on the computer.
shame on me.
I must get off! I was actually trying to paint those wooden people, and needed a little inspiration. yikes. I am scared how they will turn out!
she won't really mind how they look, right?
that is what I am trying to convince myself!

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Lynn said...

The Nativity sets from around the world really are interesting I think.

I've seen wood ones to Stone ones. They truly are neat, eh? I hope to go see a display again this year too.