Tuesday, December 30, 2008

starry wall

I think by now, you know I love stars.

well, I hit a couple of stores on Boxing day,
and these are the three things I brought home.
I love them.
I hung them up in my craft room.
oh, I never told you?
Cory gave me a whole room for christmas-
well, sort of.
I moved some of my stuff out of my 'closet'
and into a whole big room.
I still have more moving to do.
and cleaning- and then-
let the crafting begin!

ps. that beautiful fruit is from Edible Arrangements.
she didn't make it-
well, she sort of did- she works there-
but we are saving all the picks and stuff so we can make another one some day.
or I am saving them to give to her, so she can make me another one some day.
right, Shelley?


Andrea said...

wow- nice present. love the stars!
What's happening with the "closet"?

Lynn said...

Cuteness all around!

Can't wait to see a pic of your entire new room. You are SO lucky! What a GREAT room! I can't wait till a couple more kids move out so I can have my own "craft" room. : D