Tuesday, January 06, 2009

in stitches

here are a few stitched pictures I have hanging around.
I have a few more patterns that I want to do.
but not so much wall space!


Kayli said...

I *love* that last one--happiness is making friends! So cute.

I made my first one this season. It has stockings and says 'please santa -- no coal' I didn't really know the "rules" but I thought it turned out pretty cute. I meant to take a picture but forgot before I gave it to a friend.

Andrea said...

very cute. Very talented.

Lynn said...

I always like your stitches creations.

Marcia said...

Oh! I LOVE the last one. Do you know who published it? Very cute!
Have you tried using crayons on the muslin. I'm hooked on that process now.

Joanne said...

i heart the last one too ( only because it is new to me and soooo darn cute!) you are so talented my dear sistah!

Shelley said...

Love them. Please make me one (or lend me the patterns please!!)