Monday, January 19, 2009

new stuff

I knit a hat!
well, I have done that a few times before-
but one that is not straight knitting.
see, this one had some purling thrown in.
fun. I thought I would try it out with some yarn that got given to me.
just regular acrylic yarn.
but I think it would be a great hat made with some fancy soft stuff. yesterday I almost forgot to take a picture. (for the 365 thing)
so before I went to bed I took a picture of the seeds left at the bottom of an empty popcorn bucket.
that is typical sunday night fare.

and I finally figured out something that will change my life.
okay- in a small way, but a great way-
I signed up to follow all the blogs that I read,
so when I sign into blogger, it will tell me which of those blogs has been updated, so I don't have to spend forever going to all the blogs only to find they are not updated.
most of you blog readers are probably in the know about this feature,
but for me, this is great news!
now I will waste way less time on the computer.
and I can spend more time cleaning.
oh, wait.
maybe this is not such a good thing!


Lynn said...

Great hat! Blue is one of my favorite colors.
I can't figure out the blog feed thing yet, but I do find it easier to check the updated ones on my side bar under blog list. It certainly does take less time, eh? YAY!

Bobbi-Jo said...

LOL!! I follow several blogs, but I don't check to see if they've updated. I still click on all of them. So silly of me. I LOVE that hat! You are uber talented, woman!