Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a night with Ed.

something kind of neat happened up here in our neck of the woods.
one of the leaders for the scout program at church wrote to the premier and invited him to come and talk to to the group.
and he said yes.
so last night he came.
boy, you should have heard the talk at our house before hand.
you would have thought he was the president of the world.
the boys were sure he would have a few body guards with big guns, and a limo, or at least a big black SUV,
and I even heard mention of snipers hiding out on top of the Mac's store across the street.
he did have one security guy with him.
Jed got his autograph on a paper, (the premier, and the security dude.)
and Jack had the premier sign a wrist band he has been wearing since he went to Galaxy land before Christmas. now there is no hope of him ever getting that thing off. Cory said he was smiling, until the second the picture was taken.
Ben commented that there was lots of brownies and squares, so it was great.
teenagers. ha.


Lynn said...


I bet the boys will never forget that.

Andrea said...

That's really cool that he'd come to visit your little ol church group. lol.
Now you're all famous.
Nice picture of cory. haha

Joanne said...

that is really neat! and I LOVE Ben's comment. It's really all about the food isn't it!!!