Wednesday, January 07, 2009


busy posting stuff on etsy-
some cute pixie hats.
I got the pattern from Kyla.
she is the sister to a girl in my ward. I babysit her kids after school, until she gets home from work, and one day her daughter had this super cute hat.
so I emailed Kyla to see where she got the pattern, and the rest is history.
(whatever did we do before internet, and blogs, and email?
how did we find patterns, or ideas?)

now I have had a request to knit a cocoon.
a what?
yes a cocoon.
a funny , longish hat that a fabulous photographer would put an adorable little baby in to take gorgeous photos.
we'll see what I can come up with!
in my head, it is wonderful, but what actually comes out of all my great ideas, is not always as I picture it.
here's hoping.
I hope to get going on it tomorrow,
but tomorrow something new is starting.
I will let you know about it then!


Lynn said...

Cuteness all around!!!

Kayli said...

I soooooo LOVE those hats! They're adorable!!!!

Also your quilt turned out so pretty. I'm excited to see how your cocoon turns out too--I've seen a few pictures on photographer's blogs and they look so sweet.

Early morning seminary stinks. I blame that for my ALWAYS trying to get in as much sleep as possible every single morning.