Thursday, January 29, 2009


tongue pictures!

7. and it was taking way to long to find those pictures, and load them, so six is all you get!
8. so I thought it was funny when I took Maggie to get her speech assesed a while ago, and the girl mentioned that she should work on keeping her tongue inside her mouth, and that would help. she has always stuck her tongue out.
9. but it isn't always out of her mouth. just in case that is what you are thinking. just sometimes. but has been that way since she was tiny.
10. It is snowing here again right now. but it is supposed to be +6 later today. the warm weather/snow/freezing again at night is making the roads very nasty. good thing I don't have to go anywhere far today.
11. so- I got one thing I was knitting done- we will see if it is up to the specifications of my photographing friend. I got my girls Easter dresses cut out- Maggie's is sewn up, but I need to do a rolled hem on the edges, and do some shirring- which I have never done before. could be interesting. then I have to serge some of the seams on Sadie's and get it to the same stage as Maggies, so I can roll hems and shir them together. I got the binding sewn on the zigzag quilt- but it is about a foot short- need to add a bit more on, then hand sew it on.
12. and I even vacuumed.
13. Cory asked me what I got done yesterday and I started with all the sewing and knitting things I did, then added in a bit of housework, and he said he was glad to hear I did a bit of somthing that I didn't want to do.
funny guy.

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Lynn said...

Cute tongue pictures!