Thursday, January 22, 2009

maggie- thirteen things about her

1. she still sticks her tongue out alot.
maybe next week I will post 13 pictures of that!
she has done that since she was a tiny little baby.
2. most nights she ends up in Sadie's bed, or on the floor by our bed.
3. still not quite getting the poop on the potty thing.
I am sure you wanted to know that!
(I was talking to a lady about it and she said she paid her granddaughter each time she went. hmm. I wonder if that would work.)
4. she loves polly pockets
5. and barbies
6. and dolls. basically any girl stuff.
7. her outfit of choice lately is a princess dress I made for a niece for halloween about 3 years ago. - or any dress or skirt.
8. she is my best eater- by far. she eats most everything.
9. she draws really well.
10. she is the one that all the kids get along with the best. they all fight with each other, but they are all sweet to Maggie.
11. she is really good on the computer. for a 3 year old!
just makes me laugh to think that I never even touched a computer until maybe junior high. times are changing!
12. I probably let her watch way too much tv. I should probably work on more crafts and games with her.
13. I love her so much!


Lynn said...

What a sweetheart she is !!!! Love that picture of her.

Joanne said...

she is a sweetie (we'll claim her)!! And I'd totally try the bribing for the potty thang-good luck with that!