Thursday, January 15, 2009

thirteen random things

1. I hate it when I am reading a good book, I put it down for a bit, and my husband picks it up and starts reading. because then I know I will not see it for a bit. last night I had to read a different book before bed because he had snatched up the new one. at 1:30 am I woke up and he was still reading it. I don't know how late he stayed up. but I hope he finished it, so I can have it back.
or I guess I could just read it while he is at work.

2. the book is the Hunger Games. not sure who it is by, and I don't want to get up to look, but it is a good one.

3. It was my 11 year old who made the sweet comment yesterday. he is getting some nice attitude. I find my self telling him 20 times a day- if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything.

I should get that printed big, and just point. it might be easier.

4. Kayli, that is funny that you saw that post. I don't even know how it got published- I was in the middle of writing it, and there it was. I was in an odd mood that day, and didn't feel like sharing it at the end. so, you got a lucky peek. maybe I will share it again someday.

5. I am liking the one photo a day thing, I am not liking htat I haven't printed out very many. I think today I will get caught up. I hope.

6. so I did do a bit of stuff yesterday. not a lot though.
but I think I really caught the quilting bug.
I just want to sit and quilt all day long!

7. I quilt my quilts on my machine.
it is kind of fun, but nerve wracking at first.
it takes a bit of practice.
quilting ben's was hard, because it has two layers of batting, so it was thick and heavy, and trying to move that around, and squish it through was a real work out. (a picture to remind you what I am talking about!)

8. so, while we are on the topic of Ben's quilt- I went in his room the other day, and he has this quilt on top of his mattress, like a sheet, and is sleeping on it. what? that will not do. he said he couldn't find a sheet. don't bother asking! I should go and fix that soon, while it is on my mind. find that poor boy a sheet, so he can stop using the quilt I slaved on to sleep on , not under. stinker.

9.Well, I sent all the kids to school with their lunches today, so I think Maggie and I will head out to the big city. does anyone know if old navy and children's place are having their big winter clear out sales yet? you will let me know if you know, right?

10. but first, I guess I have to get dressed.

11- so I didn't have to get up for seminary today- yay! it is the other teacher's turn- but I woke up just after five anyways. yuck. but I did get back to sleep, then my alarm didn't go off, so I got the kids up a bit late today. but I think they all made it to school on time, so all is well.

12. I remember at the beginning of December I wanted snow. well, I take that all back now. can the snow stop? please? I don't want to shovel it, or drive in it anymore. once again, they say it is supposed to warm up this weekend, but I do recall they said it would warm up just a few days ago, and it never happened, so I am not holding my breath.

13. well, Maggie just came to me with Sadie's DS and said that Sadie said she could play with it when Sadie is at school, but she has no clue how to do anything, and neither do I. could be fun.


Andrea said...

I need to go check out those stores, so let me know if you find out if there's a sale.
I'm clueless about DS too. hmmm.

Lynn said...

12. AMEN to that!

darlene said...

I have an 11 year old boy you are welcome too. I admire your doing your own machine quilting!!