Saturday, January 17, 2009

thanks mom!

this is the quilt my mom was making,
and I requested that it be given to me.
I got it on Christmas, but it wasn't wrapped up.
so I am not sure if it was a Christmas gift, but either way, it is a wonderful gift!
I put it on my bed every night on top of my duvet- it helps me get all warm and cozy on these cooler nights.
It usually stays there until Maggie comes in- most nights, sometime in the middle, then I put it on the floor and make a little bed for her.
thanks mom.
I love it!


Lynn said...

Ah HA! That apple DOESN'T fall far from the tree! Now I see where YOU get your quilting bug and talents from!

Nice quilt!!! You are a lucky daughter.

Marcia said...

It's a wonderful quilt. I love the new pic of the kids.