Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thirteen terrific thoughts!

1. this is a little quilt I made out of some of the fat quarters I recieved from the vintage sheet swap I did last year. I gathered all of the yellow ones together. pretty fun. 2. this is my photo for today- I think!
that will go in my photo of the day album,
that I might get started soon-
I wanted to show how dark it still is when my kids are headed off for school. crazy stuff.

3. this was my picture I took yesterday.
the snow on my railing by my back door.
and it is even higher now.
crazy snow

4. and this picture was taken on Tuesday.
my three youngest were sledding in the backyard on the pile of snow that was made from shovelling the driveway.

5. and more shovelling needs to be done today.

6. why do we live in this crazy place?

7. that reminds me of a preview I saw for a movie- can't remember what it is called, but with Renee Zellwiger, and Harry Connick Jr. - she has to go to minnesota, or somewhere cold like that for work- the preview was so funny. I could relate to many of the things- about the cold and the snow. anyways- just had to share that random thought.

8. so, this morning I woke up at 5:25
on purpose.
so I could be at the church by 6.
to teach early moring seminary.
that was crazy early.
our ward has 2 teachers for the morning class- they team teach,
but one is pregnant,
and having a very hard time with the early mornings,
so we traded jobs.

9. I think I need a nap today.
or I will never be able to stay up to see the Office.
and I really want to see that!

10. started on my cocoon today.
should be interesting!

11. I will try to fit in knitting it, between my naps.
I think I might need a couple.
boy, am I ever feeling really tired.
how do those kids do it every day?

12. I think Ben is going to have a very hard time of it when he starts seminary next year. could be very interesting.
13. do your kids have a movie that they have to watch over and over and over and over?
right now Maggies is Jonah. and funny thing-
in seminary this morning a brother and sister passed a note back and forth, and when they would pass it, they said "a message from the Lord" then they commented that it was from a movie-
and I said-
oh yeah, I know the one.


Andrea said...

wow- you're good to be teaching seminary. I'm up at that time, but not dressed and teaching.
Great pictures. And quilt.

Lynn said...

No. 1 - Gorgeous!!!
No. 13 - LOL!! Good thing you've seen the movie over and over. The one hear that gets worn out is the LION KING!

Shelley said...

I really like the quilt. Very cute!!