Saturday, January 10, 2009


I got a call a couple of days ago from my sister in law.
they were planning on going skating at a park in the city on Saturday,
and we were invited to come along if we wanted.
well, it was still pretty cold when she asked, and I was thinking-
not if it is this cold still!
but, lucky for us,
today was beautifully warm.
-well, for this time of year, and this location anyways!
Ben had a basketball tournament this weekend-
he plays on his junior high school team,
and Cory is an assistant coach- of sorts- for the team,
so they were busy with that,
so the other kids and I headed out.
we got skates tied up, and bundled up, then headed out on the ice.
I lasted about 5 minutes, then my feet were in such incredible pain,
I could hardly make it back to the shelter to get my boots back on.
dumb skates.
Maggie alternated between trying to skate and riding along in the sled.
Jed lasted a bit longer than I did-
probably about an hour, and Sadie and Jack practically had to be dragged off the ice after about 3 hours!
Cory's brother had rented some snowshoes, so Jed got to try those out for a little while.
it was a great day for skating.
I just have to remember to never take those skates again.
(I think we have 2 pairs about the same size, and I must have grabbed the wrong ones. )


Kami said...

Man, if there's snow outside, I stay inside. I'm impressed you braved the cold at all. It can't be THAT warm. Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that I love your pixie hats on your Etsy shop. I would buy a matching set for my three girls in a heart beat if I could. They are seriously so adorable!!

Lynn said...

I'm with Kami. Any activity that has something to do with snow....I stay CLEAR away from. : D
Way to go for at least giving it a shot. Sorry you picked the wrong skates. That would be NO fun.