Monday, January 05, 2009

an update-

because I know you are wondering!
our van spent the night at the oil change place,
they called the next day,
and Cory went and got the low down.
they said they drained a bucket full of oil out of the van.
that is what they said.
and they changed the battery,
and it is running.
Cory would like to believe them.
but is finding it hard.
since he called a mechanic friend of ours, and told him the whole story,
and the mechanic friend of ours said it sounded to him like the van had no oil in it.
and as a mechanic, he has delt with that exact problem from that exact place in the past.
hmm. interesting.

I see Cory doing his own oil changes in the future.
but I have a van, and it is running.
and I am still planning on learning how do drive a standard.
in case anything comes up in the future.


Lynn said... DOES sound fishy.

Andrea said...

Crazy. Glad you have a working van though.