Thursday, February 05, 2009


1. the kids are off school.
today and tomorrow. why? torture the mother days, I think!

2. I NEED to get on my treadmill.

3. I need to get out and chip some more ice off the driveway- or hopefully get those kids out to do it!

4. sew. ( I have some dresses calling out to me to be finished)
and two more I want to start. crazy.

5. and I have another quilt top that is close to being done.

6. and I still have some knitting for that photographer friend that I need to get done. there are some twins that should be coming right away, that I should really have some things ready for. ahh!
-my pointer finger has a callous from so much knitting.

7. keep the kids happy. hmm. tv, computer and DS?

8. book club tonight. yay. the book was- The Last Lecture. good book by the way.

9.wash sheets- and other laundry.

10. buy some new vacuum bags- so I can get the kids vacuuming!

11. tackle the girls room. I really need to take half of the stuff out of there, then it would only be half so messy all the time, right?

12. play some games with the kids.

13. try to remain calm and sane. hmm. easier said than done.


Lynn said...

I have read so much about the Last Lecture. At least about the man himself. What a GREAT man! I need to get that book for sure.

Good luck with all the kids at home!

kaylani said...

Perry has that book, but hasn't read it yet. Maybe next week I'll get it read!
Good luck with your day - have fun!

Andrea said...

I need a treadmill!
I'd love to come clean that girls room. Maybe we should make a date and do some purging and fixing up.

Joanne said...

breathe in .... breathe out! Have a fun weekend!