Wednesday, February 18, 2009


-Cory is heading to Calgary today. without me.

-my sister is probably having her baby today.

-I think I need a nap.

-my windows always look so filthy in the morning when the sun is shining right in them. I better go clean them.

-but I am very happy that the sun is shining.

-and I can't wait for warmer weather. I am tired of hats and coats and mittens and winter boots everywhere.

-and those are my thoughts for today.


Andrea said...

I too need to clean my windows.
sorry you didn't get to go away. me neither.

Lynn said...

Funny how Feb. seems like the LONGEST month of the year....when it's actually the shortest. *sigh*

Shelley said...

Ummm... your windows don't look dirty at all. So I hope you took a nap instead! ha!