Thursday, February 12, 2009


1. I won, I won! yay.

now if only I could be the ninth caller when I hear the jet fly on my radio station, so I can win $100 and a chance to win a trip to Jamaica.
that would be great!

2. but I am very happy with the fat quarters. don't get me wrong.
very happy indeed!

3. I used to not make cinnamon buns. they scared me. my mom makes really good ones- and mine were never that good. but one time a while ago I was making buns, and I decided to try cinnamon buns, and they were okay. but last night- I made some. delish. love them! need to not eat them all myself.

4.guacamole. yum.

5. why is it that when you get a bit more sleep than you have in a few days you are more tired than those days that you got less sleep?

6. Is it bad that I don't want to leave my house today and go to the playgroup at the church? Maybe I will see if Maggie says anything about it.
I mean, really- that means I would have to get dressed. yikes.

7. do you guys have stuff all over your floors, that you just get so used to being there, and you just step over them and around them, and soon you don't even notice anything is there? yah, well, my house is so there right now. and today I am going to remove all those things that are just lying around. really.
I think.

8. I am going with the red velvet cake balls. I don't know if my family will approve. but I do! for sure. and if I have to eat them all myself, well, so be it.

9. I scrapped!
a little bit.
I will do more. someday. soon.

10. I am trying to keep up with the challenges on How much is too much.
It gives me a little inspiration- because sometimes we all need a little bit of that, right?

11. so, I got dressed, we went to the church for play group, and no one was there. that was stinky.

12. I think I need a nap.

13. but first- I will clean up a bit.
or maybe I will clean up when I wake up.
yeah, that sounds better.


Kim said...

I hate when you make the effort to go and then no one shows!! Congrats on winning!! YA!!!

Lynn said...

1 - CONGRATS!!!!
3 - I have yet to try.
4 - Me TOO!! Could eat it everyday.
5 - When you receive and answer...could you PLEASE pass it on?? : D

Andrea said...

congrats on winning. you should have come played here instead I guess. We're home. in our bathing suits. ok.. one of us is. the rest are dressed.
You can bring some cookies to me if no one wants them. looks good.