Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I finally made it to one of Ben's basketball games yesterday.

he is on the junior team for his junior high.

Maggie and I got got to watch the last quarter.

good times.

Maggie was spinning all over the sidelines, and being her usual crazy self.

ben was in the game.

I mean he really had his head in the game.


that is his little head at the back of the crowd.

not the best picture. I should have taken my big lens, so I could zoom in on the action!

so, I was sitting by two ladies who were cheering for the other team. and one of them was saying something about they needed to be more aggressive-I wasn't sure who they were talking about, because I saw kids on their team pushing all over the place- and Ben even commented how rough they were-

anyways, my point is-

when I heard them talking, in my mind I thought-

be agressive, be, be agressive-

in my best cheerleader voice.

which is actually from Bride Wars.

so I guess the movie wasn't all that bad.

and yes, I think it would be funner with some girl friends.

but really, what isn't funner with some friends?

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Andrea said...

You should have started to cheer.
Fun times!