Tuesday, February 10, 2009

preparations have begun

last night we finished up the valentines.
there is supposed to be a heart on one end of the pixie stick and a feather on the other, so it is like an arrow, but they kept falling off.
and really, then the glue would just get in the way of all that good sugar!
The kids have Friday off school
I know!- again?!
so the parties are happening on Thursday.

I usually make a heart shaped black forest cake for valentines day.
but this year I am thinking maybe I will just make these instead.
or maybe put a bit more effort in and make these.
so yummy.
we will have to see how much effort I want to put into it all when the time comes!


Lynn said...

WOW! Awesome Valentine Treat ideas!

Joanne said...

you are an awesome mom with fabulous ideas! happy valentine's day Kristi!