Thursday, February 26, 2009


1. back in the day I used to dressup nice (skirts) to go to enrichment. but I was always among the minority. so I stopped dressing up. well, last night we had an enrichment, and I just came in my jeans, not a thought to dress up in my mind. well, I was in the minority. Guess I am going to have to switch back.

2. I think I need some new skirts. with having to dress up when I teach seminary, the old skirts are getting older.

3. I think I am going to have to use this book I picked up on my last trip to the states- got it for a great deal at Joannes, thanks to my sister's coupons and teachers discount. I had great plans for it. skirts for me, and the girls, but I haven't made a thing out of it yet. soon. very soon.
4. and since I joined in on the Nothing but Scraps group over on Twiddletails, I think I might have to see what I have lying around that I can use to make a skirt. although, I believe a peice big enough for a skirt would be considered stash and not scraps, and we are supposed to use scraps. 5. I was sewing up my scrappy stars quilt top- loving using up scraps!
but I would have to say all the white came from my stash. what can you do?

6. I am going to make a few of these cute little things- (using only my scraps!)

Maggie wants to have a monkey party, and since I picked up the Martha Stewart monkey party box- that has invitations, cups, plates, little monkey things to stick in cupcakes, and treat bags, all I need to do is come up with some games and something for the kids to take home. well, I thought a little monkey would be wonderful! I think we will only have 3 or 4 kids, so I think it is do-able.the pattern is quite big, so I shrunk it down to 75% and it seems better. I found the pattern here.

7. I think I will buy a bag of those marshmallow bananas, to put in the treat bags and call it good. Maggie cannot wait for her birthday!

8. did anyone see Oprah yesterday? did it freak you out like it did me? wowsa. the economy is a frightening thing.

9. wow. I was just finding the blog to link to the cute monkeys, and she has a link to another blog, and I was just perusing, so stinking cute. I want to make everything on there! check out skip to my lou.

10. today I am going to do some cleaning. now that that is out there, I have to do it! It has been far too long.

11. and since I vowed I would not leave my house today (winter is back, and it is freezing outside) I guess I will have lots of time to clean, and use up some scraps! yay.

12. with so much I want to do, and should do, you would think I should be getting busy, right? well, the internet has sucked me in. there is so much out there to see, and learn, and make! I love it.

13. but alas, real life is here, and floors need mopping. I must go, but I will be back! sucked back into the vortex. and loving it!


Lynn said...

No. 8 - Nope didn't see it. However, we are truly feeling the effects of it over at our house these days. IT sucks big time!

NO. 12 ME too!!! I should be in bed resting. : D

Shelley said...

Yes- start sewing skirts. I can't believe you haven't put that book to work yet!!
That monkey doll is cute... but the face is a wee bit creepy. You can make it much cuter! Fun idea for a fun party! I want to come!

p.s. are you finished with Alias yet?

Shelley said...

oh yeah, I meant to also say-
Mom told me about Oprah and the people who clean out foreclosed homes and just throw eveything away. That makes me sad and sick. There have got to be people who need it or will buy it.

Andrea said...

missed oprah. probably good since the whole economy stresses me and freaks me out.
cute monkey- I want to come too.
when you're done with your mopping can you come do mine??

Kami said...

Okay, so here's what I would do, but then I'm kind of stuck on the whole Guayabera shirts right now, so I don't know if you would even like that at all or not. Search "Boys Linen-Blend Guayabera Shirts" on and you could do a mix of chocolate and baby blue shirts on your boys. Then do chocolate or baby blue short-sleeved button-up shirt for your husband , there's several on Old Navy (I liked the linen blend one), and a blue or chocolate Camp shirt on Old Navy for you. Or a fun cami over top a white tee for you and your girls. Oh, here's an another idea, this sort of top with white shirt for your girls and you ( then bold striped rugby polos in orange or yellow from old navy. And then a brightly colored pol for your husband. Anyway, my computer started acting silly midway between me posting this, so it's a bit disjointed and unfortunately the sites aren't linked, but hopefully you can understand my ideas. I just really like how bright colors are everywhere right now--so fun! Good luck!! I can't wait to see your family pictures in April.