Saturday, February 28, 2009

corner gassed

last night we got to do something we have never done before-
together Cory and I went to a dinner theater.
I did get to go out with a friend to a dinner theater before, but Cory had not been, and we had never been together.
now, you know by now that we are fairly cheap (or as I like to think, thrifty) so with the $55 a ticket price, that would be why we have never done such a thing before.
but, since work was paying, we were all over it!
we got to see Corner Gassed. a spoof on the tv show Corner Gas, of course.
and it was hilarious.
all the waiters and waitresses are dressed up and acting too, and there was a lot of audience participation.
the play is taking place at Cat Creek's ( as opposed to Dog River) 200th anniversary, so there was a talent show, and a parade-
and guess who got to be in the parade-
hilarious, no? the camera batteries were low. at least that was Cory's excuse. the other 2 ladies with me were the ones we shared our table with. it was a hoot. This is definitely something I would want to do again-
go to a dinner theater, I mean- not the acting part.
but especially if work is covering the bill.
(and look Bobbi-jo- I did it! the words on the pictures! thanks for the help!)


Lynn said...

Oh how fun!

We have this place called Stage West here in town that is the same thing. We haven't been in years (same reason...too thrifty...okay let's face money) but it was SO fun!

Love the hat!

Bobbi-Jo said...

I noticed! We have a dinner theatre in Calgary called Jubilations - was it the same place??? Isn't it SO much fun? We went for a work thing, too, and loved it. LOVED IT! I love the show Corner Gas, and would have loved to see a dinner show about it.

Andrea said...

Wow- you're an actress. So cool!
Glad you liked it.
We went to one with work last year. The food was gross though. The one girl at our table ate nothing. She used all our drink tickets though. haha. Hope you had good stuff. Yea for free.