Tuesday, February 24, 2009


-because it is Shrove Tuesday- thanks for the reminder Shelley. (how come you always know when it is, and I never do?) - and because we have to go to a Baden Powell banquet for supper, and because I didn't do pancakes for breakfast, we are having pancakes for lunch. yum.

- because i found out about how to make those wacky star quilt squares on a blog thatdid a tutorial so that people could make them for the Bushfire quilt project,
but I was only going to make them for myself, but then I was thinking that everytime I saw that quilt, I would remember how I never donated any to that project, and since I had to go to the post office today to mail off some stuff, I sent 2 squares off. hopefully they will help brighten someone's day in Australia, who has lost everything in the fires. (imagine those colorful apples are the right way. oops. I didn't even notice it was upside down when I was taking the picture. I haven't made any more squares in a few days. I had better get back in my sewing room today!)

-and because I am a good mom(sometimes)- when Sadie brought home Dudley- he is a little dinosaur that the kids in her class take home and write in a book about what they do with him. well, Sadie said that someone had made him a bed, I was thinking that poor Dudley needed a quilt, then Sadie thought he should have a pillow too, so I whipped one up for him. I even appliqued on a D for Dudley. fun, no?
and I just have to say, binding a quilt that small is a big pain!


Lynn said...

Oh Dudley is SO lucky to have you!

Andrea said...

Wow- you are a good mom. And so compassionate to all.