Friday, February 27, 2009


well, I got the top all sewn together.
(don't look too closely. in true Kristi fashion, the seams don't quite line up everywhere they should.)
I love the bright springy colors!
(it is cold again here- the boys were supposed to go on a scout camp- that got cancelled the last time because of cold weather, and it got cancelled again! I am ready for spring to come.)
I love that I made it all from fabrics I had in my scraps!
I don't love that I have to go buy some batting,
but I do love that I have a fun sheet I bought at a thrift store that will be perfect for the back!


Lynn said...

Nice quilt!!!

Andrea said...

very cute.
What's with the wimpy boys that can't handle a little cold??

Joanne said...

that is absolutely beee u ti ful! I love love love the stars. you are so talented my dear!

Shelley said...

Love it. So cute.

Kayli said...

Oh--that is so so SO cute! You're right-the colors ARE really bright and happy! Way to go!

Kami said...

That is so pretty!! I think it's my favorite quilt yet that I've seen of yours--and I've been impressed by all of them.