Thursday, February 19, 2009

happy thursday!

1. I am addicted.
to those wonky star quilt squares.
they now number 16. and I find myself saying just one more.
is that not a sign of addiction?
I think I love that they are springy colors.
ahh. spring.

2. it was a girl in my seminary class' birthday today.
and I didn't know.
I feel bad.
treats tomorrow, for sure!

3. I haven't heard any news of any baby. yet.
maybe it was born in the middle of the night,
and I can go see it today.
I hope.

4. when Cory is away it is either pizza or pancakes for supper.
last night was pizza. yum.

5. I got the movie Pelelope from the library, and most of us here at home watched it last night- actually it was me and the boys watching it, while telling the girls to be quiet constantly because they were playing really noisily on the stairs.
very cute show. but she does drink beer, and gets drunk ( but doesn't do anything bad while drunk) ,andall this while hanging out at a pub.
but other than that, really good.

6. my treadmill has bit the big one.
it is goners. beyond use. sad.
I think I am going to go to my mom's house this morning and use my sister's fancy new elliptical. just because I can. and I should.

7. I suppose I should wake my kids up, so they can get ready for school.
but I am willing to delay the madness as long as I can. I really need to get a handle on our mornings. they are crazy.

8. I cleaned the inside of my windows, but the outside is still dirty, so it didn't do much good. it is supposed to be sort of warm today, so maybe I will get out and do the outside. maybe

9. one of my seminary kids didn't come today because she got braces yesterday. I guess you need more rest the day after you get braces. poor girl.

10. survivor tonight. (remember we are not judging here)
and the office. yay. but I might be too tired. darn those late shows.
and yes, 10 is late when you have to wake up early for seminary.

11. at least I don't watch the Bachelor.
okay, I did watch a bit. until I got too disgusted by him making out with all three girls. weird. yuck. but I only watched a few minutes, and haven't been watching the whole season.

12. not that I am judging. if you watch it, that is okay. I am okay with that. I actually know two ladies who get together and watch it. that could be fun. because you could make fun. know what I mean?

13. okay, I had better get those kids up.
let the madness begin.


Joanne said...

You are always welcome to come and visit me- but I'll probably serve you pizza too! and I agree with the bachelor and 10 IS too late- I fall asleep all the know you're old when...... :)

Shelley said...

Thanks for not judging me for watching the Bachelor! If I watch the first one, I am sucked in for the rest of the season. And there was a girl from Peace River- but then when he went to go visit her fam we find out her family moved to Kelowna??!! Sheesh. I am bugged by the making out but I have to watch it for the crazies and to see who he picks. It is SO MUCH better than Survivor! :)
Ummm... didn't I tell you I bought Penelope? Andrea borrowed it shortly thereafter and I haven't seen it since though. Thanks for inviting me over to watch it with you... and eat pizza.